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SuzeQue Beanie Kids #2401
  • SuzeQue Beanie Kids #2401

    The first SQ Beanie of 2024! Fun alternating colors on a child size beanie with faux fur Pom and the new iridescent tag!

    For your 3yr to 6yr old.

    SuzeQue Beanies an original design and expertly hand crocheted by Susie. These are not available anywhere else! Our REAL Fur Poms are huge, fluffy and are attached with a snap to remove before washing the beanie. There are Faux Fur Pom options as well, also detachable.


    Beanie itself is machine washable on a gentle, cold setting and just reshape, lay flat to dry. Quality is guaranteed and we rarely have more than one of a color available each season.


    SuzeQue Beanies are a one size fits almost everyone. However, I can do smaller or larger size custom orders as well!

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