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 SuzeQue Clothing



First off, thank you so much for checking out SuzeQue Clothing!

A little insight to the shop: we are legit! Hoodies, Tops, Jeans, shoes, accessories and even some SuzeQue exclusively handmade items are what you will find here.  Our bestsellers are by far Wanakome brand hoodies and we also carry Ampersand Ave., Blowfish Shoes, Kan Can Jeans, Judy Blue, 7th Ray, and so many more boutique brands you might know.  There are so many scam sites out right now pulling from the true boutiques and undercutting us, it's crazy.  So, I want you to know SuzeQue Clothing is real and there are real people behind it. That's me, Susie & my wonderful staff, Carrie.  I have been running the website since March of 2019.    I feel so blessed to have connected with Carrie and have her same love of clothes, social media knowledge, people skills, etc. by my side. She has been an integral part of opening the store front and helping grow SuzeQue! It's not always easy and there are definitely highs and lows but we love this opportunity to serve our community in more ways than just selling some great everyday fashion locally and beyond! 

I am very big on customer service and have 10+ years in retail experience. Any questions or concerns are personally handled by me. I want each and every customer to feel important, because you are!  SuzeQue's inventory is all in house, shopped by me, filled by me and shipped directly from me.  I do not do any drop shipping or pre-orders as I make sure each and every item purchased goes through my inspection.   A happy customer is a return customer!  

Now, if you want to know a little more about me personally, read on...


"A goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot!" I love this quote/mantra from an unknown source. It really hits home.  Although, the scare part can definitely overshadow the excitement some days.

This boutique dream got started in March of 2019.  I love fashion and clothes and have always fantasized about opening a clothing store. I am also a Rural Mail Carrier for USPS.( I only wish that got me shipping discounts!)  Along with that full time job, I am a wife to a coal miner for 18+ years and a mother of two teenagers. My daughter is a busy 20 yr old. She works full time as a CNA, graduated high school in 2019, moved out on her own, joined the National Air Guard and is a full time college student for Nursing. My son is a Senior in high school. He has a part time job, spends every free moment hanging with friends, and testing my patience : ) I am no picture perfect mom but so far I'm pretty proud of getting two kids into adult hood!  The bittersweet aspect of our kids growing up is finding TIME.  I found I had some extra and it was time to sh** or get off the pot.  So, here I am, building this dream/vision of owning and running my very own women's fashion company!  

Why all the Sunflowers?

I have always loved them and their beauty. They come in so many colors and sizes and they are all beautiful in their own right! Just like us women.  Second, North Dakota, my home state is the second-largest sunflower producer in the nation.  And finally, SuzeQue was started while I lived on Sunflower Drive and still do, right here in ND. If you've never been up close and personal with the awesome nature of a sunflower field, add it to your bucket list! 


   Please don't hesitate to use the "contact" section as I would love to answer any questions about SuzeQue Clothing, sizing issues, product info, and even requests for more or different styles you'd like to see. 

I have always been a supporter of our military and now have even more reason to be with my very own Airman.  A portion of sales from SuzeQue Clothing will be donated to a Military charity or family in need. Join our Facebook page, SuzeQue Clothing Co.,  to stay up to date on these activities and more!

Keeping it real.

~Susie Knopp, owner

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